Sikh Community- The Food Bank Of The World


The kitchen at various Sikh temples feeds a staggering number of people daily. Kitchen of Golden temple itself feeds more than 1,00,000 people daily for free.
The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib), located in the city of Amritsar, India is a Sikh gurdwara (place of worship). It is the most well-known gurdwara and is considered a sacred place by Sikhs. It was first constructed in 1604 and later rebuilt in 1764.

Fascinated by stories of the incredibly busy ‘langar’ (free kitchen) housed within the golden-domed complex. Quietly and orderly, people of all castes, religions and ages took places on long, rough mats along the langar floor. Metal serving plates were handed out, and the langar is then served by “Sevadaars” (Volunteers).
It feeds roughly 40,000 people a day for free. On religious holidays and weekends, the langar can feed upwards of 100,000 people a day. This incredible feat is made possible through donations and volunteers.
Also, the country has seen many situations where the Sikh committee has helped the fellow civilians who suffered from floods or earthquake type of natural calamities.

  1. Two Sikh organizations from Delhi and Amritsar sent food relief to victims in post- earthquake in Nepal.

    These two Sikh groups sent out 25,000 packets to Kathmandu. Besides this, they sent a team who served food to 10,000 people.
    sikh community food

  2. The Seva Food Bank serves food to low-income families in Canada.

    Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India, seva was believed to help one’s spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community.
    Being a religious organization, they do not fail to respect and take into account the food cultures of other people while serving food and preparing the menu. Truly inspiring, to say the least. (In the times of growing intolerance – here are some people who are leading the world by example – it is high time we learned from them already).
    sikh community food

  3. Khalsa Food Pantry and Khalsa Peace Corps provide meals to the poverty-stricken in Los- Angeles.
    Khalsa Food Pantry provided hunger relief and located in Pacoima, CA. There are Sikhs who provide food assistance to low-income families in Los Angeles.The Khalsa Peace Corps serve about 600 meals at skid row and Venice Boardwalk alone. Sharing meals and uplifting the spirit of communities, they are serving and growing, with dedication and a lot of good will. (Keep at it, fellows)
    sikh community food
  4. The Gurudwara Singh Sahib Sabha in Dibrugarh distributed food to about 1000 people affected by the floods that hit Assam last year
    We forgot to thank those who worked with all their dedication and effort to reach out to the flood affected areas and help those in need when we were too busy point out the apathy of our Government.
    sikh community food
  5. Khalsa Aid in the UK provided disaster relief in many countries
    Established in 1999, Khalsa Aid is a non-profit international aid and relief organization founded on the Sikh principles of selfless service and universal love.The British Sikhs also helped the Thames Valley and Somerset flood victims by delivering sandbags, food, and medical supplies to those affected. They also provided food, blankets, clothes and water to over 150 Yazidi refugee families, many of whose family members were kidnapped by the ISIS.
  6. Sikh volunteers ran around-the-clock community kitchen for thousands of people who were left stranded on the Delhi-Ambala highway (NH1) due to Jat Agitation.
    As thousands of people were left stranded on the Delhi-Ambala national highway (NH1) by road blockades put by Jat protesters for two days, city residents responded with overwhelming generosity, offering them food and shelter. While there were some who caused discomfort to everyone, there were some who were working for the relief of those in need, comforting people of all castes and religions.

    sikh community food

Strictly believing in not wasting food and helping those in need, the Sikhs have been sharing their meals, uplifting the community and helping the ones who are in distress with a smile and warmness galore!

We have a lot to learn from you – we make a life out of what we get. Hopefully, we find out how to make a living out of what we give soon.


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