PM Modi And Sheikh Hasina Had A Laughing Momen For This Hilarious Reason


We all think that Political leaders are always suppose to be holding on to their serious personality. Sharing a light-hearted conversation or a joke with them like a normal person seems beyond impossible.

Well, this time it is different. The recent incident that took place is a perfect example to justify our statement.

Our PM Narendra Modi and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina were busy inaugurating a train co-operation and discussing some mutual agreements between the two countries and this funny incident just broke the feel of the political ambiance.

It so happened that an Indian presenter was directing the process on the dias when he accidentally said, “May I request the two Prime Ministers to step down?”

One of the people from the crowd asked aloud in surprise “step down?”

This summoned some chuckling from the group and the two Prime Ministers additionally took the remark positively and participated in the laughter moment.

Note: ‘Stepdown’ implies that Stepping down from their individual places of Prime Minister.

Subsequent to viewing this video, individuals made amazing responses which you can’t miss:


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