Pimple: Changing Our Lives Over The Years


We couldn’t agree more on the saying, “Adolescence is just one big walking pimple.”

Adolescence is the stage where you see a lot of changes in your life. Being introduced to the evolution in your body, noticing how the world starts looking at you differently, and a lot of things you wish never existed.

It also comes with a lot of firsts. Your first crush, the first time you get invited to cool parties, your first ‘girly gossip gang’ and a lot of other firsts that have been etched in your memories and tucked away behind all the new ones that changed your life for good. While all of these experiences transform a girl’s life and show her a different perspective, it’s also something else that makes you want to question everything. Her unwanted, unexpected, incredibly demotivating first pimple.

It’s most seen when the girl enters the puberty stage and observe a drastic change in their skin. Her first pimple changes her life in ways she wasn’t ready for. And when someone asks her to show her face, all she can think of is

We aren’t here to reveal; it’s all declining from here. We’re here to reveal how a portion of the progressions you’ll experience amid this stage will be horrendous at first, yet will inevitably change it into an affection abhor relationship you’ll settle in a giffy!

Your body undergoes a lot of changes at the time when puberty hits. Your body experiences a lot of hormonal changes including body hair.

People will look at you differently, and you’ll notice them too. 

You’re no longer the sweet little child whose oversights were neglected because you were as well “youthful” to comprehend it. People will look at you in unexpected ways. They’ll watch you, judge you, and now and then even look at you. Yes! They will. Be that as it may, prepare to be blown away. You won’t care since you will be confident enough to tackle every situation. You’ll have your future ahead, goals which won’t let you stop. You’ll be focused.

Your First Pimple Will Be Painful. You’re Going To Stress About It.

You’ll be asked a lot of questions. And you don’t need to worry about it. It’s just a pimple, and it indicates that you’re supposed to take care of your skin better.  But your friends won’t be your worst nightmares, those nosy neighborhood aunties might come up to you and say, “Beta, ab to jawan ho gayi ho tum, ” and you’ll silently kill them twice in your head. But then again, it’s just a pimple. You’ll get over it!

You’ll start believing in the magic of beauty creams.

This is the only time when you’ll think that every cream have some magical effect on it and it will make your pimple disappear.

The mirror will be your best friend.

Unfortunately, you’ll start caring more about your looks than you previously did. Pure, and pimple free skin is sometimes you can only dream of, and thanks to your new-found love – blisters, who never visit without warning, you begin following a strict beauty regime. Yes, your body is going to change. You’ll enter a new world of ‘Firsts, ’ and some of them will hurt you, while some of them may live with you forever, but out of all these unexpected mishaps, you’ll always need someone who can come to your rescue and help you go back to your real self. Himalaya’s Purifying New Face Wash does just that. In an age where there are several options on the display shelves of hypermarkets, here’s a soap-free solution that will cleanse all your impurities and give you a pimple free skin – naturally. But hey, amidst all of these ‘firsts’ don’t forget to lose that confidence because if you carry that dreaded pimple people with faith, who cares about anything else? Amirite?


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