Helpfulness Or Helpless?⁠⁠⁠⁠ Ramesh Nagar Accident


Not a good day.

Was heading towards my friend’s house to pick the car and go out with them. The mood was exuberant because we were catching up after a long time. While standing on the red light at Ramesh Nagar, I was wondering why there was no traffic constable present from Tilak Nagar till here. And then, an incident happened which I never imagined. Maybe, I can not forget this my entire life.

A 22+yrs guy was driving Royal Enfield classic with her mother sitting at the back. It’s always a dream of every man to drive Bullet with their love of life, and the person who sparkles the most is, Mom. Yes, a mother. The moment the red light went green, he rushed like anything.. in the way of approximately 50-70 meters he was at the speed of 50-60. A trespasser, probably he was on drugs, and he scampered to cross the road, and the bike crashed into him. The mother wasn’t wearing a helmet, and she got bumped her head on the divider on right side of the road, and the trespasser was already subconsciously lying. The mother got many serious injuries, and I stopped my scooty right away. Picked the trespasser and kept him aside and went on to see what happened to those two people who were on the bike. The only single person came beside me to pick the trespasser, and almost 50 people came to see what happened to the son and mother. They somehow managed to ask the auto driver standing a couple of meters away to drop them to the nearest hospital.

I have always seen that people don’t help when an accident takes place, anywhere. I made sure; I’ll not do what everyone else is doing. I frantically drove my scooty to make U-turn and rush to the nearest hospital. Also, I made sure that no other vehicles come in the way of auto so that he can drive a bit faster. A couple of drivers got angry when I shouted on them to keep their car away to give way to the patient.

We reached the hospital. It was ESI Basai Darapur hospital. 1 minute away from the place where they crashed into a trespasser. As usual, the hospital staff was as careless as we thought of any hospital in Delhi. I ran like anything and asked the nurse standing outside the emergency ward, ”there is an emergency, please help and bring the trolley”. She said, “go inside and ask someone else” and she continued doing what she wanted to, kept talking to another fellow. I asked the guard; please help to bring the patient in, he also did the same. Walked to bring the trolley like he doesn’t care about the person whose life is at risk. I shouted at him to do fast, and the entire hospital was looking at me.

Finally, the mother brought in the emergency room; I was also with her since her child who was driving the bike also got hurt on the head. Though he was wearing a helmet, unfortunately, he got injuries on the head but not as severe as his mother’s. The doctor was checking her nerve, I asked in his ear, please can we save her?

Bombshell, he said, ”she has passed away”. The guy was crying outside the emergency room in the hope that her mother should be okay. And I have never been as helpless as I felt at that time because his mother was no more and only I knew this except the doctor.

Doctor’s are for sure the life givers too. They tried their best with doing everything. It looked like mother also got a cardiac attack, doctors kept on pumping her heart with both of their hands and trying hard to bring back the life of the mother, they even worked with the electrical equipment. But, it went all in vain.

I went out, asked the boy to call the police and your family immediately. It took more than 45 minutes for Police to reach there. And I’ll tell you how in a couple of minutes they came. His family members came, his father started crying after hearing from the doctor that she will be kept on the ventilator for a while. Everyone knew ventilator is the last stage which is looked forward to by doctors.

I, being the single witness there, was wondering why people don’t give a shit about anything happening on the road? Someone who met with an accident is merely a show for them!

I tried everything which I could do to keep the family relax and predominantly the son to be precise. He knew it was his mistake; he’ll regret his entire life recollecting the memories of his mother.

Doctors asked the family to take the patient to a big hospital; they can not save her with the current equipment. I rushed again to ask the hospital’s ambulance (there were three prepared ambulances outside the emergency area) to help the patient to reach till next hospital which is approx 2 KM’s away. He refused. Saying we don’t serve to the private hospital, we can’t. I bawled at him. Entire public standing outside came to see why the guy is not taking the patient.

Unfortunately, those three ambulances went off giving excuses that they don’t have this facility and that. We tried calling 102 a couple of times. To my surprise, there was no response. I figured out the Kalra hospital’s ambulance number online, and they came in just next 5 minutes.

Next moment, I saw a PCR standing outside the hospital. I approached them informing everything about the incident. Told them, I called the number 100 two times and they said a team would be reaching in few minutes. Guess what? Nobody came. There were two policemen in the PCR outside; I impetrated, can anyone please come and see what happened and support? There was a diplomatic answer that the local thana constable would reach in a while.

It would have taken hardly 30 seconds for them to reach the emergency ward. However, they came after 15 minutes. And did nothing.
The mother was declared dead. The life of a family died today. Physically the mother died, and emotionally the entire family died.

The mother could be saved if:

1. The traffic supported to give way to the patient.

2. If the hospital staff cooperated so, we could have consulted the doctor a couple of minutes earlier.

3. No police support. None of them came to witness and report the accident.

4. If there were no silly excuses from the ambulance driver.

5. The most important one, if the guy could have driven the bike with the required gears, at least the helmet. His mother could be saved.

The exploitation of bike to reach somewhere early cost a life. An eye-opener, they were going to meet one of their relatives who was admitted to another hospital. And landed up being one.

Help me where I was wrong? Why I was so helpless, that even after having everything in this culture, we couldn’t save her!

What else could I have done?

Lesson- Please don’t move on until you see that the victim is getting help from the public. Try to be the one who saves the lives and not like moving on.

Suggestions recommended!

Incident happened- 16/09/2017- Around 12.

Courtesy- Author.


  1. Good job…but the lesson is don’t drive fast and always wear all the person sitting on the bike, and always wear your seat belt incase of four wheeler, Bcz speed can either take yours life or someone else

  2. Good job…but the lesson is don’t drive fast and always wear helmet all the person sitting on the bike,and always wear your seat belt incase of four wheeler,Bcz speed can either take yours life or someone else


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