Fans Tried Taking Selfie With Sachin! He Stopped His Car & Taught Them Something Important


The number of road accidents has increased to a great extent. Although government takes many initiatives and sets new rules, the number persists unaffected. These days, youngsters have become careless, and they love rash driving. Secondly, many don’t understand the importance of the helmet, which further contributes to increasing road accidents.

Now, even the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has joined this initiative and is trying his best to make people understand the importance of helmets.

He has shared a video on Twitter, in which two bike riders have promised him that they will wear helmet going forward. Well, those two boys tried to take a selfie with Sachin, on which, he advised them to use a helmet. He asked them to “Promise” him. Check out the video…

The Master Blaster explained to them that their life is precious and they shouldn’t risk it in any way; the guys promised him that from next time, they would surely use a helmet while riding a 2-wheeler. Here’s how his fans reacted;

It’s good that Sachin Tendulkar stopped his car in the middle of the road and made them aware of safety. We hope people take his advice seriously and start using helmets. Since he’s an attractive figure, people will inevitably follow his words.

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