Characteristics To Figure Out You’re A True Delhite!


Dilli or Delhi as it is known to the rest of the country has a charm of its own. Are you a Delhiite? If yes, then you would understand the grief of a Delhiite, and if you are not a Delhiite, then certain extreme conditions here would make you sympathize with us. Those who live in the capital city are very easily distinguishable by their behavior and lifestyle. If all else fails, the moment they open their mouth you know they are from Delhi. Once you fall in love with Delhi, you can’t live anywhere else. Let’s find out all the things that make anybody who has embraced this city a true Delhiite.

  1. The over reacting people on roads and metros! They’ll fight for the smallest thing. WHY!
    Some people are so over dramatic and oversensitive that they will take all your time fighting with you, because you pushed them, by mistake. And then the famous “tu jaanta nahi main kaun hu.

  2. Drunk Driving
    Despite the many cases and protests, Delhites still seem to think that drinking and driving should not be considered offensive.

  3. You have your distinct Hindi dialect.

    Like kebab-shabab, daaru-shaaru, uncle-wuncle… you get the drift.

  4. You’ve spent your hipster moments in the Hauz Khaz village.
    Complete with hipster glasses and an ironic quotes-t-shirt.

  5. You shop at Sarojini market and Janpath. 16_signs_which_prove_that_you_are_from_saddi_dilli_1

  6. A midnight trip to India Gate is a weekly occurrence.


  7. You know everything about bargaining. The street shopping has taught you bargain like a pro. 16_signs_which_prove_that_you_are_from_saddi_dilli_5

  8. Grabbing a seat in the crowded metro is a feat you have finally achieved. Yay! 16_signs_which_prove_that_you_are_from_saddi_dilli_8

  9. Roads are overflowing with people and cars!
    You don’t feel like going to some locations in Delhi because they are overflowing with people. Turn your head to any direction, and you would find people all around. Such is the condition of Delhi roads. This makes us very upset, indeed.

  10. Walking around CP on foot is something you have done tons of times.


  11. You know that you should never take the Ring Road during peak hours or else you will be stuck there forever. 16_signs_which_prove_that_you_are_from_saddi_dilli_12

  12. Palika Bazaar is one of your secret haunts to find those crazy things you don’t get anywhere. 16_signs_which_prove_that_you_are_from_saddi_dilli_14

  13. Even though the world thinks that Delhi is unsafe for girls, you believe otherwise and always tell it to everyone as well. 16_signs_which_prove_that_you_are_from_saddi_dilli_15

  14. You’re involved in intense campus wars
    Which can turn political most of the times?

  15. The Supremely Amazing Delhi Metro

    Every single Delhiite has bragged about this piece of the miracle that saves the lives of hundreds of commuters every day from the crazy traffic rush of the city. What local trains are to Mumbai, the metro is to Delhi.
  16. You head to Karim’s or Paranthewali gali for some yum paranthes

    With dollops of butter. And not to forget the elaichi chai near Safdarjung.
  17. “Bhaaai, Toottaaaaa”

    Let’s face it. If you’re a true Delhite, you’ve either said those words (or maybe some other variations of it) or have had them spoken about you.


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