8 Legal Rights Every Women Should Know


The place which is not always secured for the people mostly Women, where goddesses are worshipped while women (of any age) are maimed and harassed. The only way which can help them in any way is to make such strict rules and regulations which not only will help them to tackle the situations, but also will be a lesson for those who don’t respect or obey them.

Here are some legal rights which women should be aware.

Right to privacy


Under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the cops are bound to give the privacy to the victim without forcing her in front of unwanted people. A women who has been raped has the freedom to record her statement with a lady constable or a police officer in private. Also, she has the right to record the statement in front of magistrate without being overhead by anyone else.

Right to Zero FIR


Under ruling of Zero FIR by Supreme Court, the rape victim has the right to lodge an FIR in any police station irrespective of the concerned one. Most of the women are not aware of this rule. They can directly go in any police station and after that senior officer will direct to the SHO of the concerned police station to lodge an FIR. Usually the officers use to do is to send you to the concerned police station to file complaint. However now don’t let the SHO say that this doesn’t comes under his area, rather confront him and be responsible and smart.

Right To Free Aid


Most of the time when a woman goes into a police station is always considered wrong because she is not yet accompanied by any lawyer and being ignored or humiliated at the same time.

Whenever Rape is been reported, according to Delhi High Court rule, the senior officer has to bring this to notice of the Delhi Legal Service Authority. Then a legal procedure for appointing a lawyer for that victim is being taken in action, says Saumya Bhaumik, a woman rights officer.

Right To Untimely Registration

A woman at any time period can lodge an FIR against the culprit. There may be many reasons why she doesn’t file a complaint, majorly being considering the reputation, dignity of the family and threats from the culprit. Cops can never say a “No” to a complaint heedless of the time. The self respect comes before anything else, woman is never supposed to receive a “No” in legal rights.

Right To No Arrest

A woman can not be arrested after sunset and before sunrise. The reason why woman supposed to be in police station in day time is sometime they might get harassed by the copes themselves in odd hours. Even when the lady constable accompanies the copes to arrest at night, they can’t. Police is supposed to get in written from the magistrate explaining the necessity to stop at night in case a woman has comitted a serious crime.

Right To Not Being Called To The Police Station

Under section 160 of Criminal Procedure Code woman can not be called to police station for interrogation. It can be done at the residence of the woman in presence of family members and a lady constable.

Quote this guideline of the supreme court to exercise your right in case you’re called to the police station for the interrogation or any event of harassment you’ve faced.

Right To Get A Medical Report

As per section 164A, a rape victim is supposed to be examined, and only report can act as a

valid legal proof. Case can also be dismissed on basis of report. “Woman have the right to attain a copy of the report”.

No question to be raised when rape is crime and not medical condition. It’s not a diagnosis to be made by the medical officer treating the rape victim. There is evidence of recent sexual activity is the only statement that can be done by the medical officer. It’s absolutely a legal conclusion that if the sexual activity has been occurred or not, doctors cannot decide on their own.

Right To No Sexual Harassment


Every employer is bound to create one sexual harassment committee in the office to take legal action in case any incident is being occurred. It became mandatory when the guidelines was been declared by the Supreme Court for Public, Private and Government firms.

50% women is the necessity percent to be on the committee. One member is bound to be from the women’s welfare group.


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